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Start saving with internal wall insulation (IWI) for your property

Did you know that if you have solid walls in your home then you could possibly be losing double the amount of heat than if you had cavity walls? Of course, you can’t just knock down walls and start again, but our expert interior wall insulation services could save you hundreds of pounds in wasted energy, as well as improving the comfort and usability of your property.

According to the Centre for Sustainable Energy, interior wall insulation could save you more than £400 per year if you are currently trying to heat a detached three bedroom house. Even if your property is semi detached, you could still save more than £250 a year if you prevent heat loss through your exterior walls.

Does my property need internal wall insulation?

Did you know that around 25% of all heat escapes through the roof of your property? That is a huge amount of wasted heat, which means that you’re spending much more on energy than you really need to!

Loft insulation works by reducing the overall amount of heat that is lost through your roof space, thus lowering the amount of fuel you need to use to heat your home. Special insulating material is placed between the joints in the roof, making it far more difficult for heat to escape and it traps it inside the rooms below the loft. In a lot of cases, insulation material is also placed over roof joints and around the loft hatch to stop even more heat from being lost.

Although there’s a good chance that your loft or attic already has some type of insulation, only a third of properties in Scotland have the correct insulation that meets or exceeds the recommended depth of 270mm. This means you are still using more energy than necessary to heat your property resulting in expensive fuel bills. 

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How do I know if my property has solid walls?

As well as the age of your home, the thickness of your exterior walls can give an idea whether you have solid walls. Measure your walls at an entry point and if they are made of brick and are around 22cm thick, then they are likely to be solid walls. If they are thicker, measuring between around 27cm and 30cm, then it is very possible that they are cavity walls. If, though, they are very thick, this could indicate that they are solid stone walls, which can be 50cm thick.

Looking at the brickwork outside can also be a good indicator of the type of walls your property has. Seeing the small edges of your bricks can indicate solid walls, whilst lots of thin brick edges are most likely to be seen with cavity walls.

How can internal wall insulation save me money?

Internal wall insulation will add an extra layer of thermal insulation to the insides of your exterior walls. This will help prevent you from wasting both heat and money. This can significantly boost the comfort levels in your home, as well as your bank balance, and it is beneficial to the environment as well.

There are various methods that can be used to install internal wall insulation in your property and our fully-trained, experienced team members can offer you the absolute best choices for your home. They will be able to answer any questions you might have, whilst all the time ensuring that you can gain the maximum benefits from the internal wall insulation you choose with the minimum amount of disruption and financial investment.

Start enjoying the benefits of internal wall insulation

Our experienced internal wall insulation experts will help you to achieve the best possible outcomes for you, your property, your finances and the environment. Some of the benefits you can expect to see include:

  • Reduced energy bills
  • Better temperature regulation in your property
  • Year-round usability in any room of your home

Why choose internal wall insulation?

You could save money and reduce energy wastage by investing in exterior wall insulation, but there are several reasons why you might choose to insulate the inner faces of your walls instead, including:

  • It is far cheaper to have interior wall insulation installed.
  • You will not have scaffolding put up.
  • There will be absolutely no risk to the external appearance of your property.
  • It is easier to maintain.

Of course, you may also choose to have both interior wall insulation and exterior wall insulation installed to really boost the energy efficiency of your property.

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